Felegie Enterprises is a Class II Manufacturer and can assemble your short barrel rifle the way you want it. You choose the whole layout of your short barrel rifle.

We have many sample firearms available to you so you can see and feel how it will be when your SBR is complete. This will allow you to choose the hand guard, stock, grip and even the trigger options without purchasing something that you do not like or does not feel comfortable to you.

9mm, 300 Blackout, and .223/5.56mm are the most popular caliber but other calibers are available.

The 9MM can be assembled with a barrel length between 5 ½” and 8 ½”. It is very accurate, fun to shoot, and has very low recoil.

The 300 Blackout is extremely quiet and accurate with a suppressor at subsonic speeds. It is also capable of driving a 110 grain 30 Cal bullet to 2,000 feet per second with super punch and accuracy, all with a barrel length at 10 ½”.

The .223/5.56 can be assembled with a wide range of barrel lengths, the most popular being the 10 ½”.